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Bree Turner talked to TV Insider about Grimm’s episode 5×15 titled “Skin Deep”, a take on plastic surgery, renewal chances, Nick and Adalind, her friendship with David Giuntoli, and more. Source: TV Insider

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This episode has lots to say about society’s obsession with youth, and we even find out your character is insecure about her own looks. That’s so not our Rosalee!
You’re so right. She’s always so together, so earthy and chill, but then she gets an appointment with this doctor and he starts pointing out her flaws. She falls right into his trap. Suddenly she’s, like, “What? I have imperfections?” It’s very funny. When I read the script, I emailed the writer, Michael Golamco, and said, “Are you trying to tell me something? Sending me to the plastic surgery office? Gee, thanks!” [Laughs] I seriously had to check my vanity at the door when we shot that stuff. There’s a moment where Patrick’s character is looking at Rosalee through a big magnifying glass, and it’s all done under that horrible fluorescent lighting they have in doctors’ offices, and our Steadicam operator, Timmy, is right up in my face to capture my crow’s feet and make them look super huge. It was so unforgiving.

And then you add HiDef.
Oh, my God, yes! Even worse. We’re seen in HD! All I could do was release. What was my alternative? Freak out? Our show is always about terror and danger, so I love it when we add some comedy.

The doctor is also obsessed with looking youthful and is using his own treatment, which starts backfiring right in front of Rosalee. How did you keep a straight face?
It was crazy. Usually our monsters are CGI so we’re just faking it, but Patrick was covered in prosthetics that got crazier and crazier as the episode progresses, so I didn’t need any imagination to be in shock. Patrick is so good that he raised everyone’s game. He was all in and having so much fun! Barney Burman, who does our prosthetics, did some amazing and really subtle and frightening work on Patrick, but not completely outlandish and unrealistic. [Laughs] I’ve seen a few people on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills looking the same way. I actually never saw Patrick without his prosthetics—he had to report to makeup two or three hours ahead of the rest of us—but I know his work so I know he’s this totally gorgeous man. But not on our show. He got the full Grimm treatment.

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