Trubel will return at the end of ‘Grimm’ Season 4 – Zap2it

Trubel is returning to Portland. Showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf confirm to Zap2it that Jacqueline Toboni‘s character, who’s been gone since episode 7, will return in the last few episodes. Also, Nick’s mother, Kelly (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), will make an appearance on the show. Source: Zap2it

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“You’re going to see her again this year, this very season. Very much towards the end,” Greenwalt says during a recent “Grimm” set visit. There’s no set episode for her to rejoin the Scooby Squad yet, Kouf explains: “We’re still working out the last few episodes, so we don’t know exactly.”

Fans responded strongly to Trubel when she arrived in Season 3, and adding a second Grimm when Nick (David Giuntoli) was without his powers changed up the show’s dynamic in a satisying way. Though Greenwalt acknowledges “we kind of hated to see her go,” he says she was temporarily written off the show because “there were just so many characters to service, and once [Nick] got his powers back … but, you know, she’s just a great addition to the cast.”

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