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Monroe is in real danger. EW got to chat with Grimm actor Silas Weir Mitchell about Monroe’s fate in the upcoming episode, Monroe and Rosalee’s chances for a honeymoon, and more. Source: EW

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After seeing what the Wesenrein did to Terry, we can’t help but worry that they’ll do the same to Monroe. Is there really a point to the tribunal (the trial)? Is there anything Monroe could say to keep them from killing him?

No, but it’s one of those things where people who are murderous and deluded and racist, and people who thrive on hate, such as we see in the world today, need something on which to hang their despicable actions. People choose religion a lot of the times as a sort of justification for committing acts of murder. In the case of the show, I think it’s one of those types of situations where the perpetrators of heinous actions need some type of veil of justification, and the tribunal is that. It is the thinnest of reasons why you might actually do something to a person. “We’re not just gonna impale him—we’re gonna do it the proper way. We’re going to go through channels before we murder this person.”


The portrayal of those real-life struggles is what makes the show so relatable for fans. What about Monroe’s character in particular do you think resonates with the viewers so much?

I think in a lot of ways, Monroe is like an audience surrogate. Even though [Monroe’s] a wesen and not a “normie” like Hank, I feel like the humanity of Monroe is what’s interesting about him. Although he’s descendant of Blutbad, I feel like a lot of reactions to the world around [Monroe] are the reactions that normal people in the world would have. Even though [Monroe] is wesen, when Nick comes into his world, he’s not dealing with any of this type of stuff that [Nick’s] dealing with. I think there’s meant to be, in the writing, a relatability. I really think there’s a humanity and a truthfulness to Monroe’s experience that people in the audience, if they were in [Monroe’s] shoes, they would have similar responses to this madness. Every show has a character through which the audience looks, and in a lot of cases, it’s not the hero. It’s not Ulysses, it’s a character who’s watching Ulysses. I think Monroe is that for this show. And I think it’s intentional that we have someone who can help bridge the gap from the spectator into the [Grimm] world, because it’s a pretty nutty world.


Major things are going on right now with the Scooby gang. Wu knows the truth, Monroe’s life is in danger, and Juliette’s a Hexenbiest. Any spoilers you can give us about the second half of season 4?

I would say there will be a lot of “Hexenbiestiality.” And the Captain is a Zauberbiest, so it gets very tangled. More tangled than it’s ever been, particularly in relationship to the Captain. He starts to play a major role. The Hexenbiest thing starts to take center stage for a while.

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