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Monroe faces death in this Friday’s Grimm episode “Tribunal”. Silas Weir Mitchell told TVLine about the episode, including how being a Wesenrein target will affect Monroe’s life, Rosalee’s anger, and the potential honeymoon.

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TVLINE | The performance in the last episode and this one are a bit more physical than you’re used to. Did it take any toll on your body?
You’re a little stiff when you’re running with shackles on, and my wrists were bruised for a long time from wearing handcuffs. But all of that stuff just feeds the feeling for the story… When I read these two episodes, I thought, “Oh boy, am I in for it.” At the end of the day, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been at all. They take very good care of me. The stunt guys are great. The directors are very aware of not wanting to really beat the crap out of us.

TVLINE | Assuming Monroe gets out of this, do you think this experience is the kind of thing that would fundamentally change him? He prides himself on having such tight control of what he thinks and feels.
Yeah, I think it will. It’s the kind of thing where, if anything, it solidifies my belief in the right way versus the wrong way to live. And I have a very strong sense of the right way and the wrong way to live; that’s something that Monroe and Rosalee share.

TVLINE | This story gave Bree Turner an opportunity to play a more angry, aggressive Rosalee.
That’s something that Bree was really excited about, getting to show the badass side of Rosalee. We’ve seen flashes of Monroe’s violent side, but not so much hers. I think it was fun for her to get to swim in that ocean of anger, frustration and sadness… She certainly gets to stretch into some ugly territory, which is fun for any actor.

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