Grimm’s Reggie Lee on Wu’s Awakening – TVLine

TVLine talked with Reggie Lee, who plays Sgt. Drew Wu, about what’s to come with his character in the upcoming Grimm episodes after witnessing the Chupacabra and confronting Nick and Hank. Source: TVLine

He previews that his character’s reaction to the wesen world will be a different path that Hank or Juliette’s.

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Grimm being Grimm, it’s likely that Wu eventually will make his own kind of sarcastic peace with the information he’s been handed. One thing’s certain: Now that his character is a bona fide member of Nick’s inner circle, Lee says, his days off are coming fewer and farther between.

While talking with co-stars David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby, he remembers, “I said, ‘No, they’re not going to have me at every crime scene you guys are at.’ I was waiting for the script” where Wu wasn’t involved in the action, he says with a laugh, “and it never came!”


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