‘Grimm’s’ David Giuntoli warns major cliffhangers ahead – EW

Grimm is back. Entertainment Weekly had the pleasure of chatting with David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) about what’s coming on the next episodes, including the future of Nick and Juliette’s relationship. Source: EW

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY COMMUNITY: At the end of the last episode, Nick found out that Juliette is now a Hexenbiest. What kind of reaction should we expect from Nick after learning that his love is now his mortal enemy?

DAVID GIUNTOLI: It’s kind of devastating news. Her being a Hexenbiest is really just a side effect of what we had to put her through. And it’s like the worst STD a person can get—being a Hexenbiest—and it’s a side effect of when she became Adalind. [Nick] feels terrible and I think Nick is definitely going to try to work it out with her; whether she can work it out with Nick is another story. But Nick’s going to try to figure out a way to make it all work.

Give us all the juicy spoilers for the second half of the season that you can!

The last, I think, seven episodes, you get to see Nick’s mom, you get to see Trubel, and things change in Nick’s life that’ll never be the same. I’d say the events that take place in Nick’s life, in probably the last five episodes, are as momentous as him finding out that he’s a Grimm. These are the biggest cliffhangers we will have ever had on the show, and there’s going to be about three of them.

Read the complete EW interview with David Giuntoli.

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