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Tonight’s episode of Grimm features the tale of Peter Pan with a ‘Grimm’ twist. TV Insider talked with Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee Calvert, about episode 5×03 titled “Lost Boys”, what’s coming up for her character, Monroe and Rosalee, and the 100th episode celebration. Source: TV Insider

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It seems Rosalee will become Wendy to some motherless kids tonight. Was that fun to play?
I love when we do more popular tales that most people have heard of, but in our own Grimm way, of course. All these Wendys die.

Who are these lost kids?
They’re a bunch of orphan children, all Wesen. They live in this magical forest tree house. We have some of the best set decoration people in the business, and the set that they built with the kids in their teepees are so incredible. These kids are basically looking for a mother and, for many years, they’ve kidnapped women who they think would make good candidates for that job. They hold women hostage in their fort and force them to be their mother. It’s really disturbing.

How does Rosalee become one of these mommy candidates?
The kids come into the spice shop to steal some medicine. Through their interaction [with Rosalee], they think she’d make a good candidate. Their last mother died trying to escape. They chloroform Rosalee and kidnap her. The rest of the story unfolds with her being held captive and trying to figure out how to survive.

You sound pretty happy about the story.
It’s one of my favorite scripts, and not only because I have so much fun stuff to do. Every week we deal with really crazy life-and-death scenarios. This is too, but because these kids (three boys and a girl) are dangerous, because they’re Wesen children, there’s a very different tone to the writing. It’s not as immediately threatening; it’s more, how am I going to get out of this situation and how am I going to help these kids who are so lost and alone? Rosalee can relate because she has a past in which she was also very lost and living without guidance. Not that she’s above kicking their asses, too!

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