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Hero Complex talked with Sasha Roiz, who plays Sean Renard on NBC’s Grimm, about his mysterious character, the latest Grimm developments during the current season, Portland and charity, and more. Source: Source: Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex

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HC: The “Grimm” cast even interacts with each other through social media though you work side-by-side. With the closeness of the cast and the seclusion of Portland, you all seem to have bonded in many ways.

SR: We had no anticipation that the show would have had the longevity that it has, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s definitely changed our relationship with the city and each other. We came into it with one step in, expecting that any day we won’t have a second season or third season. Once we saw there was longevity, we committed fully to the city. Being away from your home base makes you instantly feel like family, and the city has embraced the show. It’s been such a wonderful host, and as much as the city celebrates us, we really want to give back to the city. We got behind this charity set up for a local children’s hospital called Doernbecher with an endowment called the Grimmster Fund, which is the name of our fanbase. It’s there to help families in financial need.


HC: Filming so much away from your home, it seems that the cast has adopted Portland. What do you do in your off-time?

SR: It’s gone from being a job and project that we visit going back and forth to L.A. to being a life now. We film nine months a year, so it doesn’t give us much of an opportunity to do other things. This year, Silas [Weir Mitchell] and I have decided to do a play in our hiatus. We’re going to be doing a play here in Portland at the Portland Center Stage called “Three Days of Rain.” Its a three-hander — three actors — and we’re really excited to be back on stage. That, with our charity work — and this gala that we’re putting on has been taking up a lot of time, about a year in the making — and then, hopefully, back to filming another season of “Grimm.” We definitely have an active life up here. This is life, and we’ll lament the days that we have to pack up and go back. For now, it’s a beautiful place to be.

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