‘Grimm’ Postmortem: Bitsie Tulloch Says Don’t Hold Your Breath For a Nick-Juliette Wedding – Yahoo

Bitsie Tulloch talked with Yahoo about Juliette’s path to darkness. She warns that Adalind’s second pregnancy may very well be the last straw that pushes her into full biest mode, wedding bells will not be ringing in this year’s May finale, Julienard might be back in session and promises that the events of Grimm’s season four finale “will alter the course of the show going forward.” Source: Yahoo

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You’ve been playing Juliette for years now. She went from girlfriend in the dark to monster-fighting team member to hexenbiest. Has it been exciting to go through such big changes in the last couple of seasons?
I’ve really enjoyed it. The character got a little bit of flak in Season 1 because she was mostly passive, for lack of a better word. But it was necessary to serve the storyline and to create the conflict of Nick hiding everything from her, because he didn’t really understand what was going on. Season 2 was fun playing up the amnesia and the love triangle with Captain Renard. For Season 3, Nick had let her in on everything and she became part of the Scooby squad. I was excited when they gave me scenes where I was geeking out on research, because it reminded me of Alyson Hannigan’s character on Buffy.

And now this twist was unexpected. They called me early on and said, “Just so you know, Juliette is going to the dark side.” I was like, “How dark?” They were like, “Pretty dark.” As he said it, there was a little voice cracking, so I knew they were really going to change stuff. It was a great idea to make the new villain be someone that we’ve grown accustomed to being stable, kind, and reliable for the last three and a half years. Now she is the opposite of all of those things.

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