‘Grimm’ is shaping Juliette up to be the new big villain – Zap2it

Zap2it visited the set of “Grimm” on Feb. 6 when production was underway on Season 4’s episode 16 and everyone involved is excited about the dark direction Juliette is heading in, especially Bitise Tulloch. Source: Zap2it

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“As an actress, this has been really, really fun,” she says. “And the fans are loving her being a Hexenbiest because she gets to have a power now. Before it was that she was sort of adding a lot being a veterinarian and being good at research and stuff, and knowing how to shoot a gun. She’s actually a potent force. I think right now she doesn’t want it and is really just scared about hurting Nick.”

The relationship between Juliette and Nick, played by Tulloch’s  real-life boyfriend David Giuntoli, isn’t going to be getting any better. During a tour of the couple’s house on set, Tulloch noted that the furniture had been significantly changed — maybe a sign of a breakup or Juliette moving out in the future?

“That may be a signal of things to come,” Giuntoli teases. “Happiness doesn’t make good TV. Happiness for a time makes good TV, but you have to tear it apart. I don’t know to what extent the writers are going to tear us apart this time. It could be permanent.”

Though it would mean less time filming with Tulloch, Giuntoli is very much on board with the idea of Juliette becoming a villain. “I think it’s a great idea,” he says with an excited laugh, “What a cool plot twist — if that indeed is what’s going to happen. … It’s stuff of religion. They were together, and now it’s like the devil and god. The good and evil representation. Boy, that would be cool. I know it’s fun for Bitsie to play.”

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