‘Grimm’ cast would love to do a musical episode – Zap2it

Reggie Lee talked with Zap2it about Grimm, incluing Sgt. Wu becoming part of the inner circle and the cast’s wish for a musical episode. Source: Zap2it

Take a sneak peek at the Zap2it article.

After more than three seasons of being the clueless odd man out, Portland Police Sgt. Drew Wu finally has become part of the inner circle and knows the eerie secrets at the heart of “Grimm,” NBC’s hit Friday night thriller.

His real-life alter-ego, actor Reggie Lee, couldn’t be happier.

“I’m certainly working a lot more,” he tells Zap2it, laughing. “I’m a little more tired, but the payoff has been great. They’ve written him well this season. I think fans have been happy with it, and I’m happy with it. Some people on Twitter have been lobbying to get a promotion for Wu. All I can reveal right now is that you will see him in plainclothes. I can’t tell you how or why, except that it will be interesting.”


Read the complete Zap2it article including a possible musical episode of Grimm.

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