Grimm Cast Teases Mysteries That Will “Turn Things on Their Head” – IGN

At Grimm’s 100th episode celebration, the cast talked to IGN about the upcoming mysteries that will “turn things on their head”, including Trubel’s story and the Black Claw storylne. Source: IGN

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After two weeks of wondering who was trapped in the cell, Grimm revealed in the third episode of Season 5, “Lost Boys,” that Trubel is being held captive for some unknown purpose. As the Black Claw mystery gets more complicated as well, Jacqueline Toboni promises viewers won’t need to wait much longer to find out what is happening with her character.

“When I came back for the finale, I have been somewhere for that span of time,” she noted at Grimm’s 100th episode celebration. “She has her machete, but she has a new jacket on. Something’s changed, and you know something has happened in my life and I’m part of another world sort of. I’ve been in that world for quite some time and the audience doesn’t know that, and you get to finally figure out where this new turn with where Trubel has gone.”

More information will be revealed about Trubel’s whereabouts in episode 5, though Toboni cautioned that “I don’t even know how much you find out” then. Co-showrunner Jim Kouf said that the Trubel story gets resolved fairly quickly, and events in episodes 4 through 6 will “turn things on their head.”

That sentiment was echoed by other members of the cast, including Sasha Roiz (Renard), who said, “It’s going to have a few elements this season that will actually send it in a new direction. I don’t want to disclose it yet, but there’s definitely an injection, another storyline, that will change the direction of the show.”

Bree Turner (Rosalee) said the Black Claw storyline is making Grimm a lot more serialized, which is an element that excites her about Season 5.

“Black Claw are now being tied into pretty much every procedural episode we have,” she said. “There’s a real connective tissue in this season that we haven’t had before. Even when we go away from the overarching plot into the more procedural fare there are connecting strings to this violent uprising that’s happening. I think it’s cool. I think our storytelling is so tight this season. Every season it gets bigger, but I think it also has gotten more refined in a way. Nothing’s being taken for granted at all this season.”

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