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Collider interviewed the cast of Grimm during the 100th episode celebration in Portland. Find out all the things to know about season 5, including the cast’s reaction about hitting 100 episodes. Source: Collider

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13. The cast are excited about hitting triple digits, but Bitsie knew it would happen from the get-go.

David Giuntoli: “There’s no amount of hard work and talent that can make something last a hundred episodes, there’s a huge amount of luck involved, you need that work and talent, but luck seems the bigger factor, so color me grateful. I consider it a pleasure to age in front of the American public in real time.

Bitsie Tulloch: “We were actually syndicated at the beginning of season four by TNT, we’ve been on since January, so it’s really not about the hundred because we were already in syndication, so hitting a hundred episodes is more about the triple digit milestone, it’s so crazy. But I thought we could do it from the beginning. I remember the day of the pilot episode it was me and Russell, Silas and David on the rooftop of The Nines having a drink and I told them that night that we would go a minimum of a hundred episodes and the boys were like “No, I don’t think so” and I said “Mark my words, we’re going to go five seasons.””

Silas Weir Mitchell: “Every year, at least the first three years, there’s always the question “Are we going to get renewed? Are we going to get renewed?” But after the second year you know you’re going to get three. And if you get three you’re going to get five. What I remember is when we were shooting, I think it was episode six of the first season was the night the pilot aired. And it was a Friday night and we were out at a quarry shooting some car crash. And during the episode we had all been refreshing the score of the baseball game because Thursday night was meant to be the game seven of the world series if there was to a be a seventh game and there was a god damn rain out. And so game seven would be Friday. And the game before the Cardinals had three times where they were up by two runs, but Texas kept coming back. I think that was the dynamic, but it was three times. And so when the team tied it to force a game seven on Friday I was like “Well, we’re done.” And so our pilot episode went up against game seven and we did pretty good so then I was like “we might be on to something.” Cause I really thought that we were done. And that was a lesson to me: different audiences. I wouldn’t have thought about that five years ago. It just happened again last Friday night. It was a game three, but I thought “If we weathered game seven for our pilot episode we’re going to be fine in season five going against game three.”

Sasha Roiz: “I thought we had five seasons, but that only became a reality to me at the end of season two. I think we might be here for a while, I’m not going to project another hundred, but that was what led me to buy a house in Portland at the end of season two, I thought we might stick around for a while.”

Russell Hornsby: “I thought we might get one hundred around season three. It’s strictly a technical thing, cause they say when you get to three you’ll get seasons four and five. But once the international buzz started hitting I realized we had something that could get us here, and I think it was the middle of season two during the holidays where I was travelling and people knew my first and last name for the first time in my career. It wasn’t just “oh you’re the guy.” It was “oh, you’re Russell Hornsby.” And I was like “excuse me? I’m in the public consciousness, I exist?” That was deep to me, and that was when I knew we had something.”

Sasha Roiz: “I never thought the show was going to get picked up, so I’m surprised we’re here. I consider myself very lucky, I think we all do, anything beyond this point is a gift. I can’t predict it at all. This is such a benchmark of television these days. This is unheard of. This medium is changing so quickly that I don’t anyone from the top to the bottom know what to expect. Even twenty two episodes is a dinosaur, so everyone is just holding on to their seats from the top brass to the actors, cause we don’t know what’s going to be the next big change, so the fact that we’ve weathered the storm this far is outstanding. Hitting one hundred episodes means we’ve left a legacy on TV, maybe a tiny one, but something. The show will permeate television for years to come and hopefully it will ring a bell to viewers and it’s left a little bit of a footprint, and that’s the best thing you can ask for, that your work is a little lasting.”

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