First Look at Grimm 5×02 – Clear and Wesen Danger – TV Insider

Grimm’s season 5 premieres on October 30, but TV Insider already has the first photo of the second episode titled “Clear and Wesen Danger”, which give us a sneak peek Monroe and Rosalee as they prep for Nick’s Hexenbaby. Source: TV Insider

Check out the first photo of Grimm’s 5×02 “Clear and Wesen Danger”.


In the November 6 episode, Nick brings the baby home, but “home” is the scene of those deaths, so Rosalee and Monroe (Bree Turner and Silas Weir Mitchell, pictured) try to get the place ready. “But,” says executive producer David Greenwalt, “can cribs and toys mask the tragedies that occurred there?”

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