David Giuntoli reveals upcoming death of a ‘Grimm’ cast member: ‘No character is safe’ – Zap2it

Zap2it chatted with David Giuntoli to talk about the first two episode of Grimm’s season 5, and the road ahead including a new enemy, a bromantic road trip, and a possible upcoming death. Source: Zap2it

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And with that the talk turns to spoiler-y teases that Giuntoli can promise from his perch, ten episodes ahead of “Grimm” viewers. “There is a ton I could talk about, but I’ll give the fans this: The bromance comes to a boil between Monroe and Nick.”

“During this season, we have a lot of Nick/Monroe scenes. And we actually take a trip, out of the country, together,” he says of his fan-favorite dynamic opposite Silas Weir Mitchell. “Nick and Monroe take a trip together. We get our passports stamped and everything.”

Giuntoli is also dropping a major bombshell: Somebody is going to die in Season 5, and it sounds like a character who has been around since the beginning.

“I’ll say this: No character is safe any longer,” Giuntoli teases. “We’ve been on for four years already, we can start shaking it up.”

Beyond that, the star feels like this season’s reboot has put “Grimm” in a great place, and he looks forward to dropping breadcrumbs for multiple seasons to come. “I’ll take as many seasons as I can handle,” he insists. “This show has been my thirties. I was 29 when I booked this show, and I’ve learned so much.”

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