Comic Con 2015 – Things To Know About Season 5 of Grimm

The cast and producers of Grimm revealed some information about the show’s upcoming season 5 during the Comic Con panel on Saturday July 12th, 2015.

Here’s some interesting tidbits revealed during the panel.

Nick’s revenge: “He lost his girlfriend, he lost his mom, he [loses] something in the first episode next season. I think the baby is the reason for me to keep going,” said David Giuntoli. “Adalind and I have to co-parent which is going to be so bizarre.”

Hank’s romantic life: There’s a new love interest for Hank in season 5.

Rosalee’s dark past: Rosalee will be dealing with a lot of big issues this season. “She came on the scene very guarded and alone and dealing with a past of addictions,” said Bree Turner. “She’s found new meaning in her love and in the love of her life. I think her addictions come back into the storyline and that causes some major problems for the couple. … She really struggles with her past skeletons that come back.”

Adalind’s new purpose: “This baby is all she’s got in the world,” Claire Coffee said. “She’s lost her powers, again, but I think this time the focus will be the baby and finding a job. She’s a lawyer — I assume a very capable lawyer. She’ll scour Craigslist for a few episodes.”

Wu’s freshman year: “I’ve heard it’s going to be a hard freshman year for me,” Reggie Lee said. Also, Wu gets more outfits next season.

Renard and the Royal family: The Royal Family “won’t be as much of an issue” for Renard in Season 5. “That’s been quelled for the time being,” Sasha Roiz confirmed. “There’s a lot of political opportunity for [Renard] coming up, at least regionally. We’re getting back to a lot of the mythology of Season 1.”

The key: There are big plans for the 100th episode of Grimm.”We’re going to explain the damn keys,” said David Greenwalt.”We still don’t know what they do but by god we’re going to explain it.”

Juliette’s fate: David Greenwalt said that Juliette “will come back in flashbacks more than likely”.

New wesen: The Loch Ness monster will appear in season 5.


The cast also answered some questions during the panel.

Favorite creature: Krampus (David Giuntoli), leech. (Silas Weir Mitchell), spinnetod (Bree Turner)

What other character would the cast want to play?: Silas Weir Mitchell – Renard, Bree Turner – Adalind.

The Trailer: Executive producers were sad to lose it.


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