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Check out this interview from Talk Nerdy With Us with Grimm’s Claire Coffee. She talked about her character Adalind and the new direction of the show. Source: Talk Nerdy With Us

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I watched the first two episodes, which I really enjoyed. It seems like, at least according to what she’s saying, that Adalind is changing for the better. And I know she said that she doesn’t want to change back again. Can you talk about that? Like is that going to last or is it just kind of what she’s feeling right now because she still has baby hormones?

“That’s a good question. Those baby hormones, as I now know firsthand, are very persuasive at times. But yes, I think – I mean she finally feels like her life is far better without being a Hexenbiest than it is being a Hexenbiest. And she – you know her fear towards — we’re shooting episode 11 now — but her fear kind of in the beginning is that this is a suppressant that they used to suppress her powers. But, you know, they could trickle back in at any moment. And she is really scared of that happening because she – the relationship that is building with Nick and then, you know, with Kelly, she really wants to do it right this time.”

What’s her relationship with Nick going to be as time moves on? I mean, I don’t know that he’s going to forgive her any time soon, but they seem to be amiable, right now?

“Yes, you know at the beginning of the season they find themselves – they’re both at a bit of a crossroads; Nick having lost his mother and Juliette his – the love of his life. And Adalind has no one. And I think that they can kind of – they really do bond over this child where, you know, this – the only feeling that matters to them at this point is keeping this child happy and healthy, so they form a bond over that. And I think it’s easy to let bygones be bygones when you have a baby that’s, you know, that really does need you 24 hours a day. So it gets them pretty sidetracked, at least for a while.

That’s my – that’s my baby that you can kind of hear in the background.”

Yes, yes, a special guest star. I like that.

“That’s right.”

How has motherhood been for you?

“It’s been – you know it’s been – it’s so many things but, it’s been awesome. Cal is awesome. And luckily I’m able to bring him on set with me, so he hangs out in the trailer with my incredible nanny. And I get to pop in and out to feed him or hang out with him on breaks from set. So that’s been really good. He’s sort of like the set mascot. That’s right. But it’s been good you know, and I think, you know, I feel so much better informed this season, playing the role of a mother after having – now that I am one myself. I feel very bad about my birthing scene of Diana. I would have done it very differently had I know what it actually feels like.”

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