All About Eve: Grimm’s Bitsie Tulloch Talks Her Intriguing New Alter Ego – TVLine

Grimm star Bitsie Tulloch talked to TVLine about her return to Grimm, including what to expect from her new alter ego Eve, how different she is from Juliette, and how the gang will react to her. “Juliette’s flesh and blood, her DNA, is still alive,” Bitsie Tulloch says. “But this is not Juliette.” Source: TVLine

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NO WARM FUZZIES | Remember how Juliette was an animal-loving, tagine-cooking, friendly almost-fiancée? Yeah, Eve’s none of those things. The new character “is a weapon,” Tulloch says. “She is very badass, and she’s almost robotic… It’s not so much that she’s ruthless, it’s that she’s very calculated and all she’s focused on is getting the job done.”

GANG RELATIONS | As you can imagine, the Scoobies are likely to have huge issues with seeing someone who looks exactly like their dead friend running around town. “There is a pretty pivotal scene with Nick at some point after the new year, where they sit down and try to discuss what the hell is going on, because he’s obviously confused,” Tulloch previews.

PREPARE, INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS | Just because Tulloch hasn’t been posting pics from the set doesn’t mean she doesn’t have ’em — and in the weeks to come, expect her backlog to hit her social media accounts. “I love our fans so much, and one of the things I used to always do was tweet behind the scenes,” she says. “So I’m excited to get back into the swing of things… I have a store of cool behind-the-scenes photos, stories and videos that I can finally start releasing.”

Read the complete TVLine article with Bitsie Tulloch, including how she prepared physically for the new role, Eve’s hexenbiest powers, and more.

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