5 Things to Know About the Season 5 Premiere of Grimm – ScreenSpy

From the violent death of Nick’s mother to Juliette’s death, Grimm’s season 4 finale was filled with many twists and shocks, and left us with many questions. Is Juliette really dead? How will Nick deal with all these losses? How will Adalind and Nick coexists with this new baby?

ScreenSpy has watched the first couple of episodes of Grimm’s season five, and they have some teasers (which could be spoilers for some fans) about the premiere episode “The Grimm Identity”. Source: ScreenSpy

Check out some of the things to know about the premiere from the ScreenSpy article (careful, as some teasers can be considered spoilers).

  • The actions picks where we left off last season. There’s no time jump, and we’ll see Nick’s reactions to everything that has happened.
  • “Don’t hate me anymore, Nick. For our son’s sake, we can’t be like we were.” These are some words from Adalind, which gives us a sneak peek of what type of relationship Nick and Adalind will have
  • The events of the opening scene will place Nick on a war path and at odds with Captain Renard.

Read the complete ScreenSpy article which reveals a lot more about the 5 things to know about the season 5 premiere, including Trubel, Nick and Adalind’s poignant peace moment, new mythology, Juliette’s funeral, more.

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