Stars of Grimm share what to expect this season – KGW

KGW talked with Grimm actors Bree Turner, Claire Coffee, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Reggie Lee about Portland, the success of the show, and what we can expect this season. Source: KGW

Check out these videos with Silas Weir Mitchell, Bree Turner, Reggie Lee, and Claire Coffee.


PDX Tonight: Inside Grimm with Monroe, Rosalee, Adalind and Sgt. Wu


Grimm interview with Bree Turner

Bree Turner talks about what viewers can expect this season on Grimm. KGW


Silas Weir Mitchell interview

Silas Weir Mitchell talks about filming Grimm in Portland and the upcoming season. KGW


Grimm interview with Claire Coffee

Claire Coffee discusses the upcoming season of Grimm. KGW

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