Sneak Peek from Grimm 4×22 – Cry Havoc (Season Finale)

NBC has released new sneak peeks of the season finale of Grimm’s season four titled “Cry Havoc”. In the first clip, Nick figures out that Juliette set up his mother. In the second clip, Monroe and Rosalee get some bad news from Trubel and Bud. In the third clip, Wu joins the Nick and the Grimm team to take down the Royals.. Source: SpoilerTV

Preview: Nick Makes a Connection

While investigating Kenneth, Nick realizes Juliette set up his mother on Friday’s Grimm season finale, 8/7c on NBC



Next: No Rest for Monroe & Rosalee

Monroe and Rosalee’s quiet moment is interrupted by the arrival of Trubel, Bud and some very bad news on Grimm’s season finale, Friday at 8/7c on NBC.

Grimm – Coming Up: Here Comes Backup (Preview)

Despite Nick’s wishes that he stay out of it, Wu meets up with Nick, Hank, Monroe and Trubel to take down the Royals on Grimm’s season finale, Friday at 8/7c on NBC.

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