Grimm Episode Review – 4×11 – Death Do Us Part

Grimm returns with a new case of the week with “Death Do Us Part” and continues Juliette’s hexenbiest storyline. This episode reminded me of season two’s episode “Endangered”, where Nick encounter wesen who people believed to be aliens. This time, a group of ghost seekers believe that they have encountered ghosts, when in fact is a Matança Zumbido.

A ghostly case

As a I said before, this one had an old Grimm style episode, similar to “Endangered”, where something we believe to be something is actually a type of wesen. It was nice to be back to a case of the week, after the last couple of dramatic episodes that were focused on the Tribunal and the Wesenrein.

It was interesting that the show explained in its Grimm way, the possibility of ghosts. I really like when the show puts its spin on real world topics. It was fun to watch Nick’s reluctance to the ear piercing. How will Juliette react to that?

I really enjoy the way that Wu is being included in the Grimm team. It’s great to watch his excitement and real interest in wesen. Also, Nick, Hank and Wu’s interaction was so much fun, specially how they realize that Adalind has messed up with all three of them.

Juliette’s hexenbiest issues

Juliette seeks the help of Sean, a Half-Zauberbiest, involving her hexenbiest problem. We are introduced to Henrietta, an old friend of Sean, who can help Juliette. But why does Sean mention the fact that the blood of a Grimm can take the hexenbiest out of Juliette? As of now, that solution should be counted as a valid one, although I expect that the show will somehow explain that Nick’s blood will not be useful in her case.

Why doesn’t she already tell Nick? It’s really frustrating that Juliette has kept her secret as of now. She should know that keeping secrets does not help one bit, as she and Nick have learned. I think there are some trust issues involved. It’s not like Nick will kill her when he finds out she is a hexenbiest. Despite her nightmare, Juliette knows who Nick is.

Favorite quote:

Hank: You ate her cookie. (Hank tells Wu that Adalind, a hexenbiest, also has affected him)


This season’s episodes have all ended with a cliffhanger type of ending, where the final scene sets exactly the beginning of the next one, which can be really exciting, But to be honest, one thing that I sometimes miss this season, is the complete standalone episodes, where the ending just ties the case of the episode together nicely, without any cliffhanger, a satisfying ending. Hopefully, the show can still mix it up with all types of episodes. So what will happen in next week’s episode “Maréchaussée”? How will Adalind’s arrival affect Nick, Juliette, and the entire Grimm team? Will Henrietta be able to help Juliette with her hexenbiest problem? What’s happening with Sean?

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  1. I rewatched this episode today and… I didn’t see Nick’s piercing. I was expecting it but I totally missed or they didn’t tell. Any clue?

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