Grimm Episode Review – 4×10 – Tribunal

Tribunal” starts where last week’s episode “Wesenrein” ended, with Monroe still in danger and ready to face the Tribunal, and Nick and the Grimm team working hard to find save Monroe. This episode was an action packed one that showed the great friendship that exists in this Grimm group.

Free Monroe

I really liked that Monroe was still smart and tough to fight against the Tribunal, despite his condition. It certainly reminds us about his violent past. This episode showed Monroe’s tough side but also her strong and true love for Rosalee. His speech to the Tribunal was honest and great.

Every character helped in different ways to save Monroe. Juliette and Rosalee, with the help of Bud, figured out the link between the wedding guest and Officer Jessie Acker. Nick, Wu, Hank, and Sean threatened Office Acker about his involvement and Monroe’s location. I liked how every time Nick threatened and almost killed Office Acker, somebody stopped him. Nick was a really angry Grimm. Even Sean Renard showed his tough side during the episode. “Tribunal” was an episode about the strong friendship between all these characters. It was funny that Nick and Hank will protect Monroe and Rosalee during their honeymoon. They are not taking any chances.

It really enjoyed that all the characters had a moment to shine during the final fight in the woods. There is no weak link in this team. Bud’s inclusion in this episode was interesting. He helped Wu, despite his premature wolge, and tried to find a link to figure out who revealed Monroe and Rosalee’s inter-wesen marriage. His loyalty to Nick and the Grimm team was in full display during the episode

Nick, not longer being a Grimm, surely was an incentive for the Wesenrein to continue with their activities. But now that most wesen know that Nick is a Grimm again, hopefully the balance is restored.

Juliette’s Hexenbiest issues

Unwilling to let someone know about her condition during this horrific time, Juliette still found a way to ask Rosalee about Hexenbiests. She finally saw what she was capable of doing as a Hexenbiest, when she killed the young member of the wesenrein by exploding his brain. It was a really violent but effective. Did Juliette enjoy it? In the end, she sought the help of Sean and revealed his Hexenbiest side.

I hope that Juliette does not wait much longer to tell Nick about her Hexenbiest condition. By now, Juliette should know that keeping secrets is not good for anyone.

Wu’s wesen beginner’s lesson

It was an interesting choice for Wu to finally learn the truth during Monroe’s kidnapping, which led him to become an important part in this storyline. It was fun that Nick called Bud for help with Wu. Wu’s first official face-to-face wesen wolge was Bud, an Eisbiber, which was similar to Juliette’s wesen introduction.

Apparently, Nick is now willing to help Wu completely and has given him the keys to the trailer. I’m sure that Wu will somehow become a wesen encyclopedia.

Favorite quotes:

Sgt. Drew Wu: I don’t know who you are, but you are no aswang.

Hank: Damn. (After witnessing Sean kill one of the Tribunal’s members)


What will happen in next week’s episode “Death Do Us Part”? Now that Monroe’s danger is almost gone, when will Juliette tell Nick about her Hexenbiest discovery? How can Juliette go back to normal or will she choose to stay as a Hexenbiest? What’s going to be the inevitable Adalind vs. Juliette confrontation scene when Adalind finally returns to Portland with Prince Viktor?

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