Grimm Episode Review – 4×09 – Wesenrein

Grimm returns with the first episode of 2015 and it was filled with suspense and tension as Nick and the Grimm team raced against the clock to save Monroe from the Wesenrein. This was a great way to start the next batch of episodes. It continued many storylines: Monroe’s kidnapping by the wesenrein, Wu’s wesen revelation, and Juliette’s hexenbiest side.

Free Monroe

It was heartbreaking to see Monroe in that fragile condition, and Rosalee’s pain in not being able to do something about it. Although he did not get away from the Wesenrein, it was really encouraging to witness Monroe’s smart plan to escape.

Finally, the show acknowledge that they can be wesen in the police department, with the discovery of police officer Jessie Acker’s involvement in Monroe’s disappearance. It’s going to be interesting how Nick will deal with officer Acker, also what actions will Sean take against him.

Nick’s Grimm at his best

Now that he is a Grimm again, this episode showcased Nick’s Grimm return in the best way possible. His violent confrontation with Shaw was one of the highlights of this exciting episode. It was great that Nick turned zombie gray to force Shaw into confessing Monroe’s location. Although it did not work, it surely sent a message that you should not mess with the Grimm, ever.

Juliette’s hexenbiest nightmare

Juliette finally understands the real reason of her headaches. She is a hexenbiest and it is not pretty. The episode really showed Juliette’s fear and surprise at this discovery, especially by the nightmare she had. The dream, where Juliette as a hexenbiest kills Rosalee, was terrifying and shocking, not only to Juliette, but also to us, the viewers. The writers found a way for Juliette to delay the revelation of her new situation to Nick or anyone else, by placing her hexenbiest discovery during Monroe’s kidnapping.

Wu’s wesen awakening

Sgt. Drew Wu finally knows the truth, as much as he can take. After 74 episodes, Nick told him the wesen truth, took him to the trailer, and showed him the books with all the wesen creatures, including the Aswang and Chupacabra. I really enjoy how the show is including Wu in the wesen storyline now that he knows. His sarcastic personality was in full displace during the episode, with the many slow reveals, including his conversation with Sean. I can’t wait Wu’s reaction when he learns that the Captain is also a wesen.


As a tradition in season 4, the episodes ended with a cliffhanger, so Monroe’s kidnapping storyline will continue in next week’s episode titled appropriately “Tribunal”. How will Nick free Monroe? Will Rosalee and even Juliette go full wesen to catch the traitor? How will wil Wu react to the Wesenrein and more wesen stories? When will Adalind arrive to Portland?

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