Over 500 followers on Twitter – Thank You!


A while ago we’ve reached 500 followers on Twitter… it kept going up and down but know we are over 500!

We are happy to be part of the Grimm community online and since the relaunch of our blog we have come to know a lot of grimmsters mainly through Twitter!

We wanted to thank each and everyone of you who have given us a follow, liked, reply or retweet one of our tweets…

Thank you for your support and who knows, maybe we can make it to 1000 followers 🙂

We will continue working hard on The Grimm Profiler to provide all grimmsters great content related to the wonderful TV Show GRIMM.

Once again… THANK YOU!

PS: Don’t forget to visit our blog (the-grimm-profiler.com), follow us on Twitter (@grimmprofiler) and like us on facebook (facebook.com/grimmprofiler). 🙂

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