Exclusive Interview: Dee Wallace gets GRIMM again – Assignment X

Here’s an interview with Dee Wallace, who makes her Grimm debut tonight as Monroe’s mom. Here’s some parts of the interview. Source: Assignment X

AX: Did you do any research into wolves to play a Blutbad?

DEE WALLACE: No. I know about wolves. I did do a movie called THE HOWLING, ya know! And I have had dogs that are part wolf.


AX: Who is playing your husband? How was it working with him?

WALLACE: Chris Mulkey plays my husband. I can’t believe we have never worked together before. It was a dream, like we had played these parts together for years. The entire cast is amazing and giving and incredibly talented.


AX: What are your sentiments toward your son’s Fuchsbau girlfriend Rosalee, played by Bree Turner?

WALLACE: I sooo love Bree! This girl has just got it. Sweet and present and subtle. Absolutely loved working with her. As the fiance and mom … well, we walk through a few challenges!


AX: How do you enjoy working with Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays your son?

WALLACE: Silas is intense and powerful and the utmost professional. He was so very kind to sign a picture for a healing client of mine who was struggling with some issues. Always there for the actors. A joy.


AX: Will you be recurring and do they have major plans for your character?

WALLACE: I have shot two [episodes]. There is talk of maybe another. Other than that, I am the last to know! It’s up to the fans, the network, and the producers.

Read more about working again with Grimm creators Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt, her character’s morph, Portland, and more.

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