The Grimm Identity, Adalind’s Adventures in Wesen-land and More Season 4 Scoop – TV Guide

David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, co-creators of Grimm, gave TV Guide a lot of scoop about season 4, including what to expect for each of the characters, new wesen in Portland, and the Christmas episode. Source: TV Guide

Here’s a sneak peek into the TV Guide article. This part of the article is about the new wesen.

Meet the New Wesen!

A New Hexenbiest: “They need to reverse-engineer whatever it is that Adalind did to him, and then you need a big-ass Hexenbiest to do that,” Greenwalt says.

Schizophrenia Wesen: “We’re going to explain schizophrenia in our way,” Greenwalt says. What if you didn’t just hear voices but saw a Wesen talking to you? You’d think you were out of your mind and you would be institutionalized and taking meds.”

Heftigauroch: “We have a raging bull, like the fighter, but this guy is actually a raging bull, a little like a minotaur,” Greenwalt says. “In that same episode, there’s a Schinderdive, it’s warthog-ish. He’s sort of Don King in an extreme situation.”

Luison: This wolf-like Wesen will appear in a story line that will be like Gaslight where someone is trying to convince another person that they are crazy.

Kallikantzaroi “It’s about these goblin-like critters that appear before Christmas and wreak havoc. They hate Christmas, but they’re fun and they’re little,” Greenwalt says. Kouf adds: “We explain one of the most important things about Christmas. John Gray of Ghost Whisperer is directing that episode.”

Read the complete TV Guide article that includes the storylines for each of the Grimm’s characters.

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