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During a press conference call, Silas Weir Mitchell talked about Grimm’s season 4, Monroe and Rosalee’s relationship, his hope for scenes with Sgt. Wu, and more. Source: Starry Constellation Magazine

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Q) So you mentioned obviously people are going to have a problem with them being married. But can you talk about is that going to make it hard on their relationship or does it not bother them too much? Like how is that going to go?

A) No, I think it’s one of the things that again as I was saying to the last question; one of the things that these writers are able to do is marry the world that we live in, you and I, with the world of Grimm where you can paint these psychological social issues with a kind of richer brush than you can if you’re completely bound to reality or our reality. So this mixture that they’ve come up with allows for this type of storytelling and I think that it will be complicated for us as characters. Because that’s true to life. Even though we’re in this other we’re in this imaginary world I think one of the things the writers do really well is use benefits of the – yes, okay – excuse me I’m in a cab so I have to pay the cab. I’ll be right with you in one second, okay.

Q) Talk a little bit more about what’s ahead for Monroe and Rosalee. Now that they’re married and they know they have some people kind of maybe not happy with them, but how are they going to keep their storyline exciting. Because sometimes in shows when the couple that’s all like will they or won’t they and now that they’re married what do you see happening for them?

A) Well I think that again it was the will they or won’t they for me and her was pretty much not even will they or won’t they. It was kind of like when are they. And people still seemed interested because – so that’s a good sign right there. Because I think the will they or won’t they is something that sustains shows to a fault sometimes, you know? Where it becomes just a big tease. And I don’t think we did that really. We didn’t do the big tease thing. We sort of did these people falling in love thing. And that’s a different story. And it may not have the cutesy will they or won’t they but it has a different kind of – it holds a different kind of interest for people. And I think that if people are interested even though they know what’s going to happen which is that we’re going to be together. I think people pretty much knew we were going to be together. Then I don’t think they’re going to have a hard time being interested in the complications that follow. And there will be complications and they’re not going to, I don’t think, soft-peddle them. These writers are interested in real stuff. Even though the show is “a fairy tale” show, our writers are very interested in real human stuff. And that’s what makes the show interesting.

Q) Any word on a Monroe/Rosalee baby?

A) No. But whenever I’m asked that question, I just say forhasha and you can figure that out. There was an episode when we were asked by other people – in fact we had to explain to Nick and Hank what would happen if we had a kid. And the upshot is a thing called a forhasha, which is a mixture of two Wesen having a baby. I don’t know what it means, but that’s the word.


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