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Grimm’s season 4 premiere airs October 24th, and Seat42F talked exclusively with guest star Brian Letscher about villain wesen role and his experience on the show. Source: Seat42F

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What can you share about your new role on GRIMM?
BRIAN:  I am playing a preppy looking, yet very sinister mystery man who absorbs people’s brains.

Is that like a zombie eating people’s brains?
BRIAN:  My character doesn’t eat their brains.  He simply steals their minds and memories and sells whatever was in there or whatever he was contracted to steal.  He sells that to the highest bidder. He’s stealing national defense secrets and stuff like that.  It’s a really cool ability and he is tremendously powerful.  As they say in Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility,” and I don’t know that my character takes that in the right way.

What can you share about working on GRIMM?  What was that experience like for you?
BRIAN:  It was fantastic.  I had never been in Portland before, so just going up to the city of Portland was a blast.  It is beautiful.  While I was there, the weather was perfect.  I was there late July through the first couple weeks of August and it was gorgeous weather — the rivers, the water, the trees and I was staying in a great place right downtown — so in terms of enjoying the city, I loved it.  In terms of the show, they were unbelievable. Norberto Barba is one of the EPs on the show and I worked with him on LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT years ago when I did a couple episodes of that, and it was great to reunite with him and work with him again.  He is so cool and chill on the set, and we are doing such wild stuff and he’s like a zen master.  It was really fun to work with him.  Then I’ve never done a show like that, the sort of sci-fi/supernatural thing with the morphing — just that whole process and how they make that work morphing into these creatures and how they shoot it was really neat.  Then the cast — David [Giuntoli], Russell [Hornsby] and Jacqueline [Toboni].  She’s a University of Michigan alum, as well, so we talked about Michigan.  It was a fantastic experience all around.  They did a great job welcoming me.

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