Sasha Roiz visit to Peru

As many of you grimmsters know by now, Sasha Roiz aka Captain Renard visited Peru during the holiday season.

We were extra excited for Sasha’s trip to Peru because it’s our home country! We first found out about his visit when he posted a photo of himself in Cuzco.


And of course if he was in Cuzco he visited Machu Picchu.


Then apparently he spend a few days in Lima (our home city)… Here is a photo of @danielaabade who got the chance to meet Sasha Roiz in Lima… So lucky!


We were so happy to have found today that a local newspaper did an article on Sasha Roiz visit to Peru. It’s an interesting article were they get details of his trip and his connection to Peru.

The article is in spanish, so if you can read in spanish you can read the original article here. But for all of you who rather read it in english we are translating it for you!

Get to know the story about the Hollywood actor that came to Peru looking for his family


Sasha Roiz, who portrays Captain Renard on the Tv Show “Grimm”, also gave details about his character and the success of the show.


Sasha Roiz visit to our country (Peru) could easily have been a story from the Grimm brothers. During the time of the Russian Revolution, two of the actors ancestors run away from their country and came to Peru. Seven years ago, his father came for a vacation and remember that fact. Finally, he reunited with his family. And now it was time for the famous Captain Renard to do the same.


“I have a wonderful extended family that I just met a few days ago. It was fun. My father basically help reunite different branches of the family that lived in Lima that didn’t know each other. I feel good here”, tells and excited Roiz who already plans to come back to Peru.


He finds the fusion of cultures here in our country very similar to the ones in North America. A recurring theme that interests him and that is also shown on “Grimm”, that returns with new episodes of its third season next monday the 20th on Universal Channel.


Even though the name of the show addresses classic tales, the drama shows us a much bigger world. The latin myths and folk tales have been present in the show as well from other countries like Philippines.


“We don’t limit ourselves to just the Grimms. We cross to other things. We just did an episode about a russian folk tale. It’s fun for the fans to feel represented, hear their language and see their culture. It’s not common for shows in the U.S.A. to get out of North America. In part, we are successful internationally because we embrace a global culture, we absorb traditions from everyone and try to represent them all”, shares the actor.


Any myth you would like see portray in the show? Atlantis or the russian tale Baba Yagá. “It always scared me. It would be fun to see if it still does”, says smiling.


Fantasy for all


“New York Times”, “Los Angeles Times” and “Hollywood Reporter” feature “Grimm” as one of the must see TV shows of 2013. A show that mainly attracted a very specific audience (fantasy fans) manage to bring broader audiences, including families.


Roiz has been a witness of this process. Before the show premiered on tv in 2011, they visited Comic Con. He remembers, with a smile, hundreds of people asking David Greenwalt to forget about “Grimm” and bring back “Buffy”, the popular Tv show about vampires in which he was a executive producer. Two years later, the actor witness 4 thousand fans of the show (Grimm). “It’s great to see it grow and gain popularity. Now it has spread. A lot of families watch it, that surprises me”, comments the actor who loves the dark and ambivalent side of his character Captain Renard.


“The best part of him are his secrets. It’s always better to follow an unpredictable character. Now the best show are about antiheroes”, says the actor who confesses of being a big fan of “Breaking Bad” and “The Sopranos”. “I feel attracted to the antiheroes. The man or woman who morally struggles has always been more interesting to me”, adds Roiz.


“People have gotten to appreciate “Grimm”. We know who we are. It’s not a pretentious fiction. We don’t aspire to be something we are not and that seems to work. You have to test yourself before others take you seriously. After 3 years, it seems people are watching”, Roiz says. “Grimm” has manage to captivate the audience.


Source: El Comercio


So that’s it… I did my best trying to translate the article, hopefully you can understand it a bit better 🙂

Anyhow, we are so happy Sasha Roiz was here in Peru. We hope he comes back soon and maybe we can meet him 🙂

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