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Reggie Lee, who plays Sgt. Wu on NBC’s Grimm, was honored on April 28th 2014 with a Visionary Award from the East West Players, one of the most prestigious Asian-American theatre organizations in America, for raising the visibility of Asian Pacific American community through his work on TV and film. Source: Yahoo

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In his acceptance speech, Lee mentioned the Aswang episode of “Grimm,” relating how it is the first Filipino-themed story that was shown on American TV.

Lee’s “Grimm” co-stars have nothing but good words for him.

“I think he’s a phenomenal actor and a phenomenal person,” Claire Coffee said.

Russell Hornsby added, “Such a consummate professional, such a gentleman, and such a humanitarian. A man with a big heart.”

Other co-stars said that the “Aswang” story is one of their favorites.

“I thought that was one of our finest episodes largely because of Reggie Lee,” said David Giuntoli.

“To use a Filipino tale that has real meaning I think it speaks to the universality of the show,” Silas Weir Mitchell said.

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