Post-Mortem: Silas Weir Mitchell Talks GRIMM Season 3 Finale and Season 4 – Collider

Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays Monroe on NBC’s Grimm, talked to Collider about the season 3 finale, and what to expect about season four. Source: Collider

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When you read the script for the finale, what was your reaction to it?

MITCHELL: It felt to me like, “How the hell are they going to do this in eight days?!” And they didn’t do it in eight days. We actually got 10 days on this one. Because it was so big, it just felt like it was a monster. So, my first thought was very practical. I wondered how they were going to cram all of that action into one episode. There were 89 scenes, and usually there’s about 60 scenes. There were a third as many scenes as usual. And then, the next thing I thought after that was, “Thank god, Noberto [Barba] is directing it.” We knew that we’d be in very good hands with that guy. He really, really knows what he’s doing. He’s very, very astute, as far as the storytelling goes. And because he’s a producing director, he can do things and it doesn’t take as much time as other people because he doesn’t have to run it up the flagpole. He can just say, “I approve this,” and then shoot it that way. Whereas other directors, that are guest directors, which is 90% of the directors – Bert directs maybe four episodes a year – have to ask, “Do you think we can do it like this?” Bert doesn’t have to ask those questions. You’re in very good hands when he’s behind the wheel.


Do you think that no longer being a Grimm, for however long that might last, will affect Nick, and the friendship between Nick and Monroe?

MITCHELL: I do, but it might not be in a bad way. I haven’t even thought about this at all yet. Was is it gonna mean for Nick to be a normie? It might mean that Monroe has to take a bigger role and help him. He’s basically defenseless. He’s not gonna know who the real bad guys are, that might be coming after him. It will be like he’s blind. It’s like a cat having their claws taken out.e


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