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Jacqueline Toboni, who plays Trubel on Grimm, talked about her character on the show, doing her own stunts, her audition, and more, in this article from the Niagara Frontier Publications. Source: NFP (Niagara Frontier Publications)
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Toboni earned extra acclaim for doing her own dirty work.
“(Laughs.) That’s become quite the topic of conversation,” she said. “I actually insist, heavily, on doing all my own stunts – definitely, without a doubt, all my own fights. So I’ll do everything. My stunt double, who is great – really talented, and really respects my desire to do things – she’ll walk me through it and teach me. And, you know, it’s easier to cut everything and to edit everything together when you have the real deal doing it, you know? She is really supportive in helping me do that.”
As it turns outs, fighting a Wesen is nothing compared to roughhousing with siblings.
“When you grow up with three brothers, you have to learn how to handle yourself, that’s for damn sure,” Toboni said. “Growing up, I was an athlete before I was an actor. So, just in terms of my athletic ability, I feel like it’s above par for some other people that are great dancers, or started in theater and kind of stuck with theater, or acting.”
“I think it’s one of the reasons I got the part,” she said. “They could see that I was really comfortable in my body and doing this.

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