‘Grimm’s’ Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner preview the proposal episode – Examiner

In a new interview, Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe) and Bree Turner (Rosalee Calvert) spoke about what to expect of Monroe proposal to Rosalee, and the upcoming Valentine’s Day web series. Here’s part of the interview. Source: Examiner

As for the proposal itself, Bree Turner called it “adorable and fun and silly” and “a pure and touching and honest moment.”


“The writers really make it as complicated as they possibly can,” Mitchell added. “And so as soon as you think everything is fine, you know, the parents show up and it gets extremely difficult.” And after the engagement comes the “not-uncomplicated journey to the altar,” so should we expect any Wesen customs to come into play? “The only thing I think that we really know is that Wesen tend to like to marry in the wild,” Mitchell said.


For those fans who have loved to see Juliette and Rosalee’s friendship, an upcoming web series airing around Valentine’s Day is for you. “[It] focuses on Juliette and Rosalee and their friendship,” Turner previewed. “It’s really fun, really playful and it’s a bit of a departure of tone from the show but we had a great time. And we kind of got to express all our girliness that we can’t really quite do in the world of “Grimm.””

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