Grimm’s David Giuntoli on Nick in the Aftermath of Adalind’s Spell – TVLine

Grimm’s Season 4 begins the way season ended, with a powerless Nick. David Giuntoli told TVLine about what to expect of Nick at the beginning of the season, his relationship with Juliette, a suspicious federal agent (played by Orange Is the New Black‘s Elizabeth Rodriguez), and Wu’s journey into the wesen truth. Source: TVLine

Here’s a sneak peek into the TVLine article.

TVLINE | How would you characterize how Nick’s feeling at the beginning of the season?
At first glance, [what happens to Nick] is good for my relationship. I don’t have to kill monsters all the time anymore. But really, the world out there, I still know about it. Juliette still knows about it. They still know about me, they just don’t know I’m not a Grimm. So it doesn’t change too much.

TVLINE | There’s so much going on at the top of the episode, it takes Nick a while to really process what’s happened. When he really thinks about it, do you think Nick will be able to live like a normal guy, knowing what he knows?
No! No, I don’t think so. There’s just too much, too many friends involved. There’s too much going on out there that I can’t just ignore.

TVLINE | It seems like Juliette takes the opposite view.
I think Juliette probably also begins to understand that I’ve gotta get out there and try to do what I can for the world. I don’t think she’s gonna be cool with me just hanging out and watching Homeland with her on the couch. We are not gonna have that life.

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