‘Grimm’ unveils scary, strange creatures for season 4 – EW

Entertainment Weekly has revealed 4 new wesen creatures for the upcoming season 4 of Grimm. Gedächtnis Esser (a part octopus wesen), Schinderdiv, Heftigauroch (a bull-like wesen), and Golem are the new bad guys at the beginning of the season, which Nick and the entire group will have to fight against. Check out the artwork plus descriptions of the creatures, directly from executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf. Source: EW

Here’s a sneak peek into “Golem”. Made of clay and 10-feet high, he’s made to protect the meek but is dangerous to try to control. “The twist with our Golem is how it gets destroyed,” Kouf teases.

Check out photos and description for the rest of the new wesen of Grimm’s season 4.

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