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Grimm season 3 has new storylines for our favorite characters. This includes a two episode arc for actress Bitsie Tulloch, who portrays Juliette Silverton. She reveals to Zap2it about this and more. Source: Zap2it

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“One of [Juliette’s] best friends is in a tremendous amount of peril, and Juliette kind of ends up inadvertently being the only one that can save her,” Tulloch teases to Zap2it. “That’s definitely the biggest action sequence I’ve done so far. It was almost eight-and-a-half, nine hours straight of doing stunts. My back hurt for two weeks.”


The friend is being played by “The Client List” alum Alicia Lagano. Based on the amount of stunts Tulloch had to perform in these episodes, it sounds like Juliette will be thrown around by her BFF a bit.


“Nick’s kind of training her so that she can defend herself,” Tulloch says. “One of the things that’s been fun for them to play with in Season 3 with my character is sort of a small version of what Nick went through Season 1 as far as kind of being thrown into the fire. Not having any frame of reference. It was almost worst for Juliette in a way. As soon as she really finds out and believes it, there’s a zombie invasion.”


Tulloch has enjoyed the increased role Juliette has had as part of the Scooby Squad. From being more of a gal pal with Rosalee (Bree Turner) to being someone who can help both Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Nick when they get in a fight in an upcoming episode, Juliette is now a more significant part of the “Grimm” world.


“Going together as a team and Juliette being able to contribute a lot, all of the sudden we have a character who, by the way, if Rosalee’s the Wesen doctor Juliette’s an actual doctor,” Tulloch says. “She knows a lot about science and chemistry and she went to medical school. More than that, they’ve been alluding throughout two seasons quietly that she’s actually tougher than she appears, in spite of a certain level of passivity.”

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Source: Zap2it

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