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Check out this Hero Complex interview with Russell Hornsby (Hank Griffin), where he talks about the season finale and Hank’s role on Grimm. Source: Hero Complex

Check out an excerpt of the Hero Complex article.


Hero Complex: In the season finale, Hank will walk Rosalee down the aisle at her marriage to Monroe. Is that something you could have initially envisioned?

Russell Hornsby: No. Honestly, I didn’t envision [“Grimm”] going past 13 episodes. The truth is, the writers don’t really tell us much. You’re really forced to be a blank canvas. I had no idea that we would be here. They can go six different ways to get to Sunday, but you have to keep the audience engaged. We’ve created a wonderful ensemble, and there’s a lot of different characters for the fans to love and follow and appreciate, and I think that’s good. It will be a key to the success and longevity of the show because you can always take a few detours every once in a while — like we did with Wu and the Aswang. With me, and that whole thing with Adalind the first season and my moment of having a love interest, and all of that entwined with Nick and all that he has to deal with, then bringing in the young lady Trubel [Jacqueline Toboni] — all of those things help us flush out and open up more story lines.


HC: Hank is unique in that he has encountered Wesen and kept his wits. How did you prepare for the scene in which he experiences his first Wesen sighting?

RH: It’s really about just allowing your imagination to run. Growing up, I was severely afraid of dogs, almost to the point where I was skittish at the sight of them — if they barked, I’d jump. So I did a little sense memory — you take yourself back there. I used the Wesen as the dog for that first initial sight of them, that’s what I used. But then, as time went on, growing up in Oakland, I used that whole crack metaphor or a crack head, the walking dead or the living dead. That’s what I see when I think of what some of the Wesen would look like to Hank. As a police officer, you’ve dealt with all kinds of people and addictive types of behavior that happens. So when Hank sees somebody transform, it’s almost like looking at a fiend. You think to yourself, who was that person when they were handsome and young and pretty or attractive? When everything in life was going well? And who have they become now?


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