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Joshua Maloni, for the Niagara Frontier Publication, interviewed Grimm star Reggie Lee (Sgt. Wu) about the show, how he got the role, and this week’s upcoming Wu centric episode, that showcases the Filipino culture. Plus, this week’s episode “Mommy Dearest”, will finally reveal the first name of Sgt. Wu. Check out a sneak peek at the interview. Source: NFP

Wu’s first name isn’t the only big reveal in this week’s episode. After almost three full seasons, Wu will finally see a woge, or a seemingly regular person transform into a wesen.


“The episode that happens on March 7 is when it happens – is when I finally see something,” Lee said.


To set up the reveal, “Grimm’s” writers came to Lee and asked if he knew any Filipino folktales. He said he had a bunch.


“They’re rich on their folklore,” he said. “We chose this one called the ‘aswang.’ … It is this creature that we’ve heard about – that I’ve heard about since I was a kid. You’ll actually see it in this episode, a flashback of (Wu’s) grandmother telling me this story.


“The aswang is a creature which shifts from a human being into kind of this monstrous creature with scales and a really long tongue. And it preys on pregnant women and it eats their fetuses in order to stay young.


“What’s great is that they’ve tied it to my background,” Lee said. “You’ll see a bunch of Wu: You’ll see my cousin, you’ll see my grandmother, you’ll see me. And the reason this all happens is because this aswang starts to attack this couple that I’ve known for a long time; a girl that I grew up with in the Philippines. I persuade them to come to Portland, and move to Portland. Big mistake, because then they’re haunted by this creature.


“And the girl, I actually have feelings for; we grew up as a child. It becomes this love-triangle-ish kind of thing.

“This vision that I get will actually linger for quite a while. I cannot tell you the end of that, but it will linger. And most of the cast will be very conflicted about how to deal with me at that particular point. … Hank and Nick, in particular, are very conflicted about how to deal with me, and it, for a while.”

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