Grimm Post Mortem: Claire Coffee on Vengeance, Vermin & ‘Gossipy’ Wesen – TVLine

Claire Coffee, who plays Adalind Schade on Grimm, talked to TVLine about Friday’s episode “Octopus Head”, behind the scenes scoop, and what’s to come for her character. Source: TVLine
Take a sneak peek at the TVLine article. Be careful, as there are some spoilers for upcoming episodes.

TVLINE | Watching Adalind so readily believe the Royals seems to show a vulnerability she hasn’t had before. Have you consciously changed playing her that way since she became a mom?
Actually, that’s a really good point that I hadn’t even thought of. Why does she just believe them, right off that bat? I’m working with her desperation, which was a new element after the birth. She never had anything to lose before. Now, it’s really the ultimate thing that someone can lose, which is their child. It’s definitely coming from a different place. [There’s also] a real focus. Getting this baby back is the most important thing, and she is not thinking about the repercussions of what she’s doing or any of the consequences. It’s a real laser focus.
TVLINE | How close were the rats to you in the dungeon scene?
They were in my hair and on my neck. [Laughs] And elsewhere. Our producers sent me an email that said, “You’re good with rats, right?” And my response was, “I lived in New York, so I am familiar.” But then you get there and it’s like, Oh, this is rats on me and around me. They were trained rats and clean rats, but still: rats.
TVLINE | We find out while she’s there that she and Nick can see through each other’s eyes.
It links them in a way that’s going to be explosive come Episode 8. It resolves itself in quite a treacherous way and it has massive implications for a couple of the characters.

Read the complete TVLine interview, where she talks Baby Diana, Adalind and Renard, and more.

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