Grimm Finale Post Mortem: David Giuntoli and EP David Greenwalt Talk Adalind’s Tawdry Trickery, Lingering Trubel and a Normal Nick in Season 4?! – TVLine

TVLine talked to Grimm star David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) and co-creator/executive producer David Greenwalt about the finale and what’s ahead in Season 4.

Check out an excerpt of the TVLine article.


TVLINE | Even though Nick had been complaining about it earlier in the episode, the de-Grimming comes as a shock. Percentage-wise, what part of him is happy he’s no longer a Grimm, and what part wants to go back to the way things were?

GIUNTOLI | Split it down the middle. For every personal life reason, he does not want to be a Grimm. But now that he knows so much and he knows he’s needed… he would like to be a Grimm. But that’s a big struggle, between personal life and crimefighter life.


TVLINE | Juliette’s been very understanding of everything that’s happened, but this episode is the first time we see her chafe at that. Will she argue for not reinstating Nick as a Grimm?

GREENWALT | That’s going to be her first point of view, and it’s going to eventually become his point of view. But then you realize: He’s only half a man if he’s not a Grimm. The way to get him back is very complex and kind of fun, too. They will come to agreement, eventually, but it’ll be over a long period. He might even quit the force for a while.


TVLINE | The antidote spilled out of Trubel’s hands during the wedding melee. Was that a time-sensitive thing? If Nick can find the rest of it and take it, will he be OK?

GREENWALT | It’s a time-sensitive thing. First of all, they’ve got to find that storage shed where all that stuff took place. But then, [by] using Rosalee and Monroe and another very interesting character that’s going to have a relation to our captain, they have to figure out how to reverse this, what they’re going to have to go through.


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