First Look: Monroe and Rosalee Get Engaged on Grimm – TV Guide

TV Guide Magazine released the first promotional photo of the upcoming episode “The Wild Hunt”, which will air next Friday January 24. In this episode, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) will become engaged, a storyline that was first hinted before season 3 began. Here’s the first look and a snippet of the article. Source: TV Guide

“Monroe and Rosalee play off each other so well, and we’ve had so much fun writing them, that the logical next step had to be an engagement,” says executive producer Jim Kouf. “The proposal itself is a great, quirky moment and Silas and Bree did a wonderful job. Sometimes what’s best for the show and what’s best for the fans comes into perfect alignment, and luckily for us, this was one of those situations.”


Executive Producer David Greenwalt adds: “We can’t wait to write the actual wedding! Just think about it — a myriad of different Wesen, a few Kehrseites, and a Grimm, all under one roof. That can’t possibly go over well, can it?”

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