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Grimm – Season 3 was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on September 16. Digital Journal talked with lead actor David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) about Grimm. Source: Digital Journal

Here’s a sneak peek into the article.

Now that you find you have three seasons of Grimm behind you, are you more settled into playing your character, Nick Burkhardt, then you were in the, let’s say, first two seasons? “Yes, definitely. I speak with other people who have been on shows that have lasted for several years, and there is a typical psychological arc that takes place or phases that you go through the first season. You’re really concerned with the acting. You don’t quite know what the show is in the beginning, and so that forms underneath you. Then, everybody kind of starts to gel together by the end of the second season. Of course, there’s always an energy being spent on just wondering how long this will last. And, then there’s your personal life, where I was always asking myself, ‘How long am I going to live in Portland (Oregon)?’ I love filming Grimm in Portland, but at the end of the first two seasons, inevitably, I was always wondering if I’d have to move if the show didn’t get picked up. But, now it’s to a point where we kind of know we’ll be there for a while. So, it’s very comfortable. Now, there’s a lot more room to play with the characters, because a lot less anxiety is involved in our actual lives.”


If you hadn’t of been cast as Nick, which other character would have wanted to portray in Grimm? “Oh, boy, probably someone with like a glandular problem, because I want to eat whatever I want to eat. (laughs) I just want to be a slob. What other character on Grimm? Hmmm…I can’t say Juliette, because that’d mean I want to kiss myself – that’s a whole other kind of show. (laughs) I would say – boy, I mean Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) would be fun, but I wouldn’t even want to try that. I mean, he’s mastered that whole thing. I really like the character of Monroe. When Nick is always like the center of like this kind of grounded force. So it’d be fun to kind of live in that world for as long as I could handle it.”

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