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In this interesting interview with David Giuntoli, who plays Nick Burkhardt on Grimm, from Buzzy Mag, talks about his Grimm beginnings, his favorite scenes of season 3, his interest in directing, and the correct pronunciation of his last name. Source: Buzzy Mag

Here’s a snippet of the article.

What are Giuntoli’s favorite scenes so far?


“I think I really enjoy the scene where my character told Bitsy’s character – I think it was in the [first] season finale – everything that went on,” Giuntoli relates. “That was kind of fun. And I like having four pages [of dialogue] to do. It’s fun to work in that.”


On the other hand, Giuntoli says he’s also enjoyed sequences where he’s had nothing at all to say, such as the bar fight in the Season 3 premiere episode, where Nick has been rendered zombie-like by a supernatural toxin spat on him by Baron Samedi. The actor says jokingly of the producers, “They’ve found the winning formula – it’s to give me no dialogue.”


Another favorite episode, he says, is this season’s “A Dish Best Served Cold,” where the piglike Bauerschwein attempt to eradicate the wolflike Blutbaden. “that’s one of my favorite plot threads, as far as the interspecies rivalries go, the Blutbaden versus the Bauerschwein. It’s fun to see that these Blutbaden, who are the big bad wolves, they’re the ones who have taken the move into the more new age understanding of Wesen/Grimm relationships, and the little victim pigs are like the old-school, ‘Nah …’ They see things black and white, where the Blutbaden are more progressive. I like how that’s kind of flipped.”


Another aspect of “Dish” that appeals to Giuntoli, he acknowledges with a laugh, was the pretend-but-real-looking skirmish between Nick and Monroe. “That was fun, getting to beat up on Silas Weir Mitchell a little bit. I thought it was an ingenious stroke of writing.”


Although GRIMM employs a team of expert stunt people, the actors are called upon to do a fair amount of action. Has Giuntoli ever been injured in the GRIMM line of duty? “All the time. We have great stunt people – a guy named Matt Taylor coordinates the stunts, he’s won Emmys, he’s wonderful – so they minimize the injuries as much as possible, but bruises, intense soreness, you name it. I’m very lucky in that I have a stunt double who looks so much like me [laughs]. I’ll tell you what – the poor guy has to get a haircut every time I do. He’s a grown man. ‘No, snip, snip.’ And we dress the same, obviously, on set, and I’ve had friends visit set and they approach him, and they’re like, ‘Hey – sorry!’ And people from Portland have come up to him on set and said, ‘Hey, man, we really appreciate your work on the show …’ So it is kind of bizarre. We put his kids through private school.”


In the bar fight, Giuntoli says there were moments that were filmed that he guessed would be removed by Broadcast Standards and Practices, including a stunt that had the zombified Nick slamming a woman headfirst through a jukebox. “As I was doing that stunt, I’m like, ‘Dude, they’re cutting this’.”

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Source: Buzzy Mag

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