Comic Con 2014 – Things To Know About Season 4 of Grimm

The cast and producers of Grimm revealed some information about the show’s upcoming season 4 during the Comic Con panel on Saturday July 26th, 2014.

Here’s some interesting tidbits revealed during the panel.


Is Renard alive?: Of course he is alive. Sasha Roiz said”I think we’ll try to find some interesting way to bring him back. We’ll see what happens.”

Sean Renard’s mother: During the panel, it was revealed that the we will finally meet Renard’s mother, who until now has only been heard on the phone.

Nick, the powerless Grimm: Trubel is forced to be Nick’s “seeing-eye Grimm”. “I would hope I get the powers back on some level, but domestic life is much easier when I’m not having to kill monsters”, David Giuntoli said.

Juliette’s forgiveness: Life will be a little difficult between Nick and Juliette after Adalind’s bad actions. Bitsie Tulloch mentioned “it remains to be seen whether [Juliette] going to forgive him.”

Monroe and Rosalee’s honeymoon: “We try and make a honeymoon but things are complicated in Portland these days,” Silas Weir Mitchell said. Bree Turned added that “…Rosalee’s worst nightmare came true with the Red Wedding sequel” but suggested that the couple probably “had a quickie in the VW” after the wedding.

Wu’s wesen discovery: Reggie Lee said that Wu is really close on putting the pieces together. “I think that there is some shirted rage coming this season”, he joked.

New wesen: Expect the appearance of Chupacabra, and the Gedächtnis Esser, aka Octo-Man, who “steals your identity in a very disgusting way,” cocreator David Greenwalt said.

The keys: There will be another key in this season, but don’t expect to see the keys’ mythology to end soon. David Greenwalt said that we wouldn’t know what the keys are for until season 5.


Sources: TV Guide, TVLine

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