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The season finale of NBC’s Grimm (Friday May 16) features the long-awaited wedding of Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell). Things should go well, until they don’t. Source: TV Guide

Check out an excerpt of the TV Guide article, which includes what happens with Rosalee’s wedding dress.

Meanwhile, the bride has her own damn headache. “Rosalee is supposed to wear her grandmother’s wedding dress, but something both funny and tragic happens and the dress is ruined,” says Turner, who was totally okay with that — at least according to Tulloch.


“We did an episode where Rosalee was trying on the gown and Bree just hated that thing — it was not flattering at all — but she didn’t want to speak up,” Tulloch says. “The production people didn’t like it, either, but they thought Bree was happy with it, and Bree didn’t want to say anything because she thought everybody at the show liked it. Once the truth was out, they decided to destroy the damn thing.” Adds Tulloch, with a laugh: “It’s just not Bree’s style to complain. She’s so easy-breezy. In fact, my nickname for her is Breezy. But me? I couldn’t shut up. I’m like, ‘Yuck! That dress is fugly! I would never wear it!’ And the fan comments were hilarious. They detested it!”

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