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Grimm’s actors Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner sat down with the press in a conference call about the upcoming episode “The Wild Hunt”, in which Monroe proposes to Rosalee. The actors talked about filming the proposal scene, the previous Rosalee’s family episode, their chemistry, plus upcoming Grimm storylines. Here’s a snippet of the conference call. Source: The Fairy Tale Site


Question: So can you talk a bit about filming the scene where you propose? Also have they discussed with you guys at all about how they will eventually do a wedding or anything like that?

Bree Turner: Well the proposal – I mean the whole episode was super fun for us to shoot.

There was – we really packed in the whole episode from the roller-coaster promotions, from the night of the proposal and then getting engaged and then the parents coming in the end – it’s really filled. But the proposal scene was adorable and fun and silly and I don’t know Silas I mean I think it was really – we had a good time that whole section of the show, right? We had fun.

Silas Weir Mitchell: Yes it was – you’re right the roller-coaster is a good metaphor because it was, you know, the writers really make it as complicated as they possibly can.

And so as soon as you think everything is fine, you know, the parents show up and it gets extremely difficult. But yes the shooting of that scene was really, it was fun. You know, I mean it’s fun to watch this imaginary life kind of, you know, it’s – and the way that it happens is so sort of unique, you know. I mean it was fun, you know, I mean it was…

BT: I think it was very much because of the…

SWM: …yes, the writers write unique stuff.

BT: And it’s very – I feel like what’s been enjoyable about exploring the relationship is that there’s been just this very truthful consistencies from beginning until now about who these characters are and how they treat each other and handle these different moments in their relationship.

And I think the proposal moment is just such a pure and touching and honest moment and very much in the vein of who these characters are.

SWM: And still it’s very, you know, they allow for the complexity you know what I mean?

It’s not – it’s like it’s very (pale), I mean it is Grimm after all but it’s also, you know, the writers allow for, you know, the complexity and the darkness of, you know, are people going to accept, you know, Blutbad and the Fuchsbau, you know, there’s – that’s a rich kind of basically interracial kind of vein that they’re going to mine. So as sweet as it is which it total is, what I like about what the writers do is they allow for complexity and darkness, so there.


Q: I wanted to touch upon last week’s episode where you go and meet Rosalee’s parents. Could you maybe talk a little bit about the filming of that and what that was like for both of you guys?

BT: Well the whole dinner scene, everything with my mom and sister took place in one day so it was a very long, you know, 18 hour day out in Medford and – I’m sorry up in Hillsborough and it was exhausting. I was exhausted and I think we got beers after that day because it was a biggie and, you know, there was a lot of emotional stuff going on for Rosalee and so, you know, I felt exhausted would be the word I would use by the end of that day.

SWM: Just the most awkward dinner in the history of man. You know, I mean it just was like I felt bad, you know, I felt bad for Rosalee in this situation. To have, you know, to have this sister, you know, it was hard, it was hard because I think there’s a lot of truth to that familial dynamic. And I felt the awkwardness, it’s like I felt the love, I felt the awkwardness.


Q: The two of you have really nice onscreen chemistry together, I’m wondering what do you like about working with each other?

SWM: I can’t stand her.

BT: He’s such a pig. Uh well I love Silas, like everything about Silas is his big heart. He’s a sweetheart of a man and also a true professional to work with.

And, you know, I think from day one I knew that it was going to be a very cool journey with Silas because he’s all in 100% and he brings so much to the character and to the script that’s not even necessarily down on paper and it’s just very exciting and fun to work with him – that’s how I feel.

SWM: That’s so lovely Bree. That’s a lovely thing to say of you of me. And, you know, for me working with Bree is just – it’s delightful because she is, same thing she’s all in.

There’s no bullshit, there’s no fussiness, there’s no actor trying to do something. She’s interested in the honesty of the story. And when you work with actors who are interested in the honesty of it and the truth of it then you look at the person and they’re playing the same game you’re playing and so you’re on the same field. It’s not like a lot of times you’re trying to play bad mitten and the other person’s bowling.

And then you’re not talking at all, you’re just like this person is doing their thing and you’re doing your thing but it’s apples and oranges. With Bree I really feel like we’re on the same team – it’s true of the whole cast which is what makes Grimm sort of special in my heart above anything I’ve done is that we’re all on the same team, we’re all playing on the same field. And so, you know, Bree and I we know that we’re like we can trust each other and we’re both playing the same fun game.

And that’s really a delight because it, you know, it makes it a joy to go to set when you’re all playing the same game.

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