7 Grimm Finale Tidbits: The Wedding, Double Juliettes, Trubel and More Chaos on the Way – TVLine

TVLine has Grimm finale scoop directly from actors David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby about the chaotic wedding episode. Source: TVLine

Check out an excerpt of the TVLine article, which includes 7 tidbits about the season three finale.


A DIFFERENT DRESS (THANK GOODNESS) | If you weren’t a fan of the long-sleeved gown Rosalee previewed in a previous episode, you’ll be very happy with what she eventually wears on her big day — and the plot twist that makes the switch possible.


‘I DO’ DOES HAPPEN | Lest you worry that the Blutbad-Fuchsbau ceremony is interrupted before their union becomes official, allow Giuntoli to soothe your fears… kinda. The clock enthusiast and the spice-shop proprietress “actually get married, and then it doesn’t take but seconds — maybe not even a second — for everything to go wrong,” he tells TVLine. “All hell beaks loose. It gets crazy quickly. Let’s just say, we lose the crowd.”


A HAIRY AFFAIR? | The happy couple wear sport their human faces — all the better to see their huge smiles! — as they tie the knot. “And then they howl at the moon,” Hornsby jokes.


SHADY BUSINESS | Yes, Nick wears sunglasses (which hide his Grimm identity from the various Wesen in attendance) throughout the event. No, it does not prevent the insanity Giuntoli hints at above.


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