Grimm Episode Review – 4×07 – The Grimm Who Stole Christmas

Grimm set the bar high with last season’s Christmas episode “Twelve Days of Krampus”, which was an excellent, fun, and creepy holiday episode. So how was this seasons’s Christmas episode “The Grimm Who Stole Christmas”? The show excelled again in such a cute and entertaining great episode that was filled with many delightful moments between the characters. Krampus was out in this year’s holiday season. This time, Nick had to fight a trio of Kallikantzaroi.

Kallikantzaroi, a trio of troublemakers

I’ve really enjoyed the case in this episode, because it did not involve any murders, and it was just a bizarre string of home invasions. No one was seriously harm, except for the man in the first home invasion. And the troublemakers were just kids going through some puberty transformation.
Also, it was fun to learn that the origin story for fruitcake was tied with the Kallikantzaroi, and how much the characters kept mentioning fruitcake. It was great to see the Grimm team back in business as everyone (Nick, Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette with her veterinarian skills) contributed in this storyline.

Monroe and Rosalee’s Christmas

Apparently, Monroe and Rosalee will finally go to their honeymoon. It was great that Rosalee finally embraced Monroe’s joy for the holiday, and how protective she was for his train collection. I really loved the scene when Rosalee and Juliette fight against the trio of Kallikantzaroi.

Trubel, Josh, and Bud’s mission

Trubel’s last mission in Portland was successful as she figured out, with the help of Bud and a little bit of Josh, the identities of the wesen responsible for the attacks against Rosalee and Monroe. Bud’s appearance was another delightful highlight. It was funny to watch Josh’s way of learning and trying to help, like making a list of the wesen and hitting a Schakal with a rock.

The conversation between Juliette and Josh was really interesting, because it showed Juliette’s perspective into the wesen world, and Josh’s wish to being helpful.

Trubel’s goodbye

At the end of the episode, Trubel decided to leave Portland and go to Philadelphia with Josh, who needed protection from the Hundjagers. It was a sweet and sad scene between Nick and Trubel, beautifully acted by David Giuntoli and Jacqueline Toboni. The Trubel who is leaving Portland is totally different from the one that arrived months ago. Nick truly changed her life and gave it meaning again. So when will Trubel return to Portland? I am sure the writers are already planning it. It was a nice touch that Nick gave Aunt Marie’s truck to Trubel.

Mother Grimm vs. Mother Renard

It was a short, but the scene between Sean and Nick was funny. They both tried to speak so highly about their mothers. Who will kill each other?

Is Juliette pregnant?

In the previous episode, there were some hints that Juliette was experiencing pain due to the potion she drank to change into Adalind. This episode ended with the possibility of Juliette being pregnant. But is she? I believe that maybe those symptoms are side effects of the potion, and probably there are bigger consequences in store for Juliette in the upcoming episodes.


Next week’s episode will introduce us to the legend of Chupacabra. If the promo does not fool us, Nick will finally tell Wu the truth, or at least some of it. Will Wu finally learn the truth? Is Juliette pregnant? Will Monroe and Rosalee go to their honeymoon?

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