Grimm Episode Review – 4×03 – The Last Fight

The Last Fight”, written by Thomas Ian Griffith, put us in the world of boxing as the center of the third episode of season 4. This episode slightly reminded me of Grimm’s season 1 episode “Last Grimm Standing”, where a homicide leads Nick and Monroe into a wesen fight club.

Nick’s bizarre visions

Nick went to the doctor after last week’s strange vision, when he could see being in a dungeon. He still does not know that he sees through Adalind’s eyes. Although the doctor’s appointment does not help, Nick learns that Grimms have a different type of eyes.

Monrosalee and Mother Renard

I really like Elizabeth, Sean’s mother. She seems to be an interesting character, that still we don’t know much about. Still, she is helping Monroe and Rosalee in their search to restore Nick’s Grimm powers. Monroe looked so intimidated by Elizabeth, which reminded me of his interaction with Kelly, Nick’s mom. Elizabeth was able to open Adalind’s book. The search to help Nick is only starting. It’s great to have Hexenbiest on their side.

Trubel’s kidnapping problem

Last week’s episode ended with Trubel getting kidnapped by Agent Chavez. Apparently, she wants Trubel to join her in a group to fight against bad wesen. Will she eventually join? Will she tell Nick about it?

Boxing Fight

The case of the week takes place in the boxing world. The storyline had an interesting twist in the end when we saw that the mother is just as bad as the manager.

Adalind’s Dungeon Cell

There’s not much development in Adalind’s storyline, except that she encounters a mysterious visitor who helps her escape. Can she trust him? I hope that Adalind goes back to Portland sooner rather than later, since it is always fun to see her interact with Nick, Sean Renard, and the Grimm team.


It was nice to see Bud again. But they should not have told him about Nick’s lack of powers. Can he truly keep this secret?


This season is truly a season of cliffhangers, because so far, every episode has ended with a twist, sure to be solved in the next one. Hopefully, Monroe and Rosalee find the way to help Nick, because he needs to get his Grimm powers back, sooner rather than later. Grimm is not the same without Nick the Grimm. When will Nick get his powers back? Who are the people outside of the Spice shop? Will Wu get more suspicious about everything?

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